Line of sight

Today, a mail from Nancy White put me on an interesting track. Amongst a bunch of other interesting things, she wrote: “The term ‘line of sight’ is something I learned from Lisa Kimball (Metanetwork, GroupJazz, Plexus). In her early work with online groups the thing she noticed that often was missing was the ability to see each other ‘out of the corner of our eyes’ to get a sense of how what we as individuals were doing/experiencing related to what others in the group were experiencing.”

I have been reading some of Lisa Kimball’s work. Good stuff. Back in 1999, she wrote an article about how to manage a virtual team. Of course, social media were not there yet – at least not like now. But the article is still a valuable read for those managing one or more geographically disperse teams. A little later, in 2003, social networks were on the rise and Lisa wrote another article about how organizations could benefit from this new phenomenon. Also recommended.

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3 Responses to Line of sight

  1. Nancy White says:

    Glad you had time to read some of Lisa’s great work. She is a gem in our world!

  2. Nancy White says:

    Funny, this just came up today on a webinar with Dave Gray about his book “Connected Communities” and he talks about front stage/backstage. I googled Line of Sight and was led back here again. Small world!

  3. Koos de Heer says:

    Small world indeed. Thanks for mentioning Dave Gray, I will have a look at it.

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