What is Projecthacking?

Hacking is known to many people as breaking in to computer systems. But what hacking really means is finding smart ways to solve problems. The “problem” of gaining access to a computer system is only one application of it.

Lifehacking means finding smart ways to solve life’s problems, especially problems of organizing your life and getting more done in less time, so you can have more fun.

Projecthacking means finding smart ways to run projects, so you can get better results in less time, freeing up your energy to focus on the really important things.

I started this blog because I noticed that many project managers are stuck in a command-and-control mode of project management, or should I say a plan-and-report mode, creating bureaucracy instead of results. I have the idea that project management can be a lot more fun – and at the same time a lot more effective too. The good thing is that the world around us is changing radically and helping us along in the right direction. Welcome to project management for the new world. Welcome to Projecthacking.

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